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Information Accuracy

The information and conditions contained in these pages is accurate from the time of the latest update. Redsys reserves the right to change or modify content, materials or information appearing on or in connection with this site, including these Terms of Use at any time, in which case they will become effective at the time of publication and apply to all website visitors as of that date. The site’s content and in particular the information and advertising items, unless expressly stated otherwise, do not constitute a binding offer. Redsys reserves the right to modify, to omit partially or wholly, site content by updating this posting at any time without notice to you when it considers necessary, and prevent or restrict access temporarily or permanently.

Personal data Protection

Redsys is in full compliance with current legislation regulating the protection of personal data and the confidentiality commitments inherent in its business. Redsys has taken all the technical measures necessary to maintain the required level of security, in accordance with the nature of the personal data treated and the circumstances of its treatment, in order to avoid, to the greatest possible extent and within the limitations of the current technical capabilities, their modification, loss, treatment, or unauthorized access.

We notify you that the identifying information that you may furnish to us when using the communications channel “Contacto” on the URL will be included in a file belonging to Redsys, Servicios de Procesamiento, S.L. (corporate domicile: Francisco Sancha, 12, 28342 Madrid), in order to respond adequately to the request for information made via Redsys’ web page.

Please note you may exercise your rights of access, correction, cancellation, or objection to the treatment of your contact data, by indicating the reference 'LOPD/DERECHOS ARCO/CONTACTOS/DPTO. MARKETING', or contacting us at: Redsys Servicios de Procesamiento, S.L. (corporate domicile: Francisco Sancha, 12, 28034 Madrid). The personal data collected will only be used for the specified purposes and always with user’s or customer’s consent. In order to keep the information in our files updated and accurate, we ask our customers and users to notify us promptly of any changes or corrections to their personal data

Some Redsys, Servicios de Procesamiento, S.L. website pages create 'cookies' or small data files generated in the user’s or customer’s computer which enable our systems to recognize some web browsing characteristics or preferences of users in their first session. These 'cookies' are not invasive or harmful, nor do they contain personal data, since their sole function is to personalize browsing as mentioned above. Nevertheless, they may be removed or rendered inactive by the user.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

Redsys’ website pages and the information or elements contained in them, include texts, documents, photographs, drawings, graphic representations, data bases, software programs, in addition to logotypes, trademarks, brand names, or other distinctive signs protected by the intellectual and industrial property right laws, of which Redsys or its group companies are legitimate titleholders or legal licensees.

Redsys does not guarantee the lawfulness and legality of the information or elements contained within Redsys’ website pages when the property rights do not belong to Redsys or to any of its group companies.

Forbidden and permitted uses

Any form of exploitation of the website and its contents is strictly forbidden, including any type of reproduction, distribution, transfer to third parties, public disclosure and transformation, via any support or medium, of the aforementioned works, creations and distinctive signs without prior and express authorization from its respective owners. Failure to comply with this prohibition will constitute grounds for prosecution under current legislation.

Nonetheless, the user may, at his or her own risk download or make copies of such elements exclusively for personal use, provided you do not infringe the intellectual and industrial property rights of Redsys. In particular, these items may not be altered, modified or removed either wholly or partially. Under no circumstances, will this mean you are granted authorization or licensing rights regarding property rights held by Redsys or its group companies.

Unless expressly authorized by Redsys, it is strictly forbidden to create links or hyperlinks from websites or third party websites to Redsys’ web pages other than its home page, accessible through the URL or any future URL that may replace it. Also forbidden, is the reproduction of Redsys’ web pages or the information contained in them under frames or distinctive signs, brands, company names or trade names belonging to another individual, company or organization.


Redsys does not guarantee continuous access, nor correct visualization, downloading or use of the information items contained in Redsys’ website, which may be disabled, hindered or interrupted by factors or circumstances beyond its control.

Redsys is not responsible for the information and other content forming part of third party spaces or web pages accessible from the Redsys’ website by means of links or hyperlinks, nor for the information and other content of any third-party web pages resembling that of Redsys or carrying Redsys distinctive signs, except when expressly authorized.

Redsys assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever regarding information, any type of content, products and services offered or provided through its website by third party individuals or institutions.
Redsys assumes no liability for any damages, harm, loss, claims or costs caused by:

(i) Interferences, interruptions, failures, omissions, telephone service disruptions, delays, blockages or disconnections in the functioning of the electronic systems caused by deficiencies, overloads or service malfunctioning of telecommunication lines and networks, or for any other cause beyond Redsys’ control.
(ii) Unlawful interferences through the use of malware of any kind and via any communications media such as computer viruses or any other such elements.
(iii) Improper or inadequate use of Redsys’ web pages.
(iv) Security or browser errors caused by the malfunctioning of browser program or the use of out-of-date browser software versions.

Law Applicable

The content of this Legal Notice is governed by Spanish common law.