Card issuance and related services, are one of the cornerstones of the payment system’ business. With its wide assortment of services Redsys covers all requirements in this area.

Our activity includes all the support your organization needs for the implementation of debit and credit card issuance strategies, regardless of the environment, i.e.: physical shops, Internet, highways, ATMs, etc ...

Redsys offers its clients the SMS Sending and Receiving Platform, a real time COMMUNICATION channel between financial institutions and cardholders, via mobile phone.

This platform allows the use of the SMS channel for various operating functions in which it is necessary to contact the financial institution and/or the cardholder:

  • To inform you of card transactions and their outcome.
  • As an authentication method, adding greater security to the operation
  • As an alert channel for the financial institution’s specific fraud prevention personnel
  • As an information cardholder service channel
  • For the financial institution’s advertising campaigns

The services described here are FULLY INTEGRATED into our transactional and informational platform, benefitting from the ease of implementation and information richness.

We offer financial institutions and other issuers a comprehensive service for the provision of financial cards, acting as a single interlocutor and facilitating the issuance.

We create value by managing the stock of cards and periodically informing the entity to avoid stock breakage.

We participate in the entire value chain of the card issuance, from the development of the operating system to the sending of the cards to the cardholder, controlling the entire process through the providers.

Advantis is an issuance solution based on the international EMV standard, with more than 1.4 billion cards issued with this technology around the world.

It is based on the Multi-Brand concepts, which support international (VISA, MasterCard, Discover), domestic and private and Multi-Provider brands, available with different chip, card and customizer manufacturers.

Advantis is more than an EMV chip and focuses on adding value to the issue, with applications such as electronic wallet, FIDO application (for robust authentication), CPA solutions for contactless, or Blockchain applied to digital identity.

For more information visit our website and discover the Advantis world.

Advantis Chip
Servicios de emision


Servicios de procesamiento

Above all, Redsys is a processing provider: we manage a transaction and its authorization, for a certain amount, approved or denied by the financial institution, networks or a delegated center.

Redsys is the key and central element in the transaction flow, allowing issuer and acquirer environments to communicate properly.

Redsys maintains connections with the leading national and international industry agents and brands

Redsys provides an integral authorization service and provides it in various ways:

  • As a principal authorizing center: Fully autonomous, functioning as a main authorizing center, without needing to send transactions to the bank for authorization.
  • Semi-autonomously: configured with validations and limits, requiring the final financial decision from the bank.
  • From the back-up side: in communication failures with financial institutions or other processing centers.

Redsys performs the message exchange process between financial institutions of different networks, known as interchange and settlement, ESSENTIAL in card operations.

We take into account the different types of settlements between the main Spanish and international payment system networks: ServiRed, Sistema 4B, inter-network settlements, Visa Int., MasterCard Int., Amex, JCB, CUP...


Our highly flexible processing services allow all kinds of networks to operate, under the BEST INDUSTRY CONDITIONS.

The acquiring services offer the possibility of connecting demand centers directly to Redsys’ central node.

Centralized or decentralized networks, adaptable to clients’ requirements and prepared to undertake the delegation of components.

Hundreds of thousands of SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and major national and multinational retail chains rely on our infrastructure and know-how.

We offer:

  • Availability
  • Response times
  • Security
  • Integrity

Redsys has a COMPLETE AND OPTIMAL SOLUTION concerning ATMs. We are an international and accredited reference (see ISO 9001:2008 quality standard certification in ATM software functional certification processes).

Point of Sale Terminal (POS)

Redsys offers financial institutions and other agents the possibility of direct connection of their POS terminals to our central node for transaction processing.

Large Retailers

Redsys has the capacity to develop specific solutions designed for large chain stores and large retailers.

Important names, big transaction volumes and large amounts are processed daily by Redsys with direct connection to our systems: El Corte Inglés, Iberia, Renfe, Eroski, Carrefour, etc.

Virtual POS

Redsys’ integrated server is a COMPLETE SOLUTION for acquiring institutions that wish to offer their merchants a secure payment platform within their websites.

Our integrated server has been developed under the security standards and specifications defined by the major international brands (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, J-Secure) and proprietary solution of Redsys (3D-Finanet protocol) which ensures reliability.

Its implementation is extremely simple. Redsys has designed operating to make it DIRECT AND QUICK, for cardholders as well as merchants and financial institutions.


El desarrollo de la aplicación TPV-PC supone, en toda regla, una nueva generación de terminales punto de venta.

Redsys proporciona el SOPORTE para la instalación del TPV-PC y guía al operador de una forma automatizada. Cubrimos toda la gestión y apoyo necesario para que un comercio sea capaz de instalar o integrar el TPV-PC de Redsys.

Mobile POS-PC

The mobile POS-PC allows for card payments directly from a mobile phone WITHOUT NEEDING a conventional terminal.

The mobile POS-PC only requires a telephone with an internet connection and HTML browser. The merchant’s mobile phone connects itself to Redsys in order to send transaction data.

ATM Network Management

Redsys has tools for the control and overall management of the ATM network saving financial institutions the need to develop and maintain tools for this purpose.

POS Terminal Network Management

Redsys provides maintenance and integral management of the POS terminal network. Its PROVEN AND CERTIFIED EFFECTIVENESS (ISO 9001-2008 quality standard certification) credits and differentiates us outstandingly from the rest of the market.


Should you wish to go further concerning Network Management, Redsys has a value-added solution, the Geminis service:

  • Purchase, installation and maintenance of terminals. Geminis offers the best and widest choice of models.
  • We manage the purchase of terminals for financial institutions that wish us to do so. The financial institution eventually decides if they wish to hold their ownership or whether Redsys does.
  • Attaining higher service levels than those agreed
  • The terminal park benefits from all the innovation developed, in particular the contactless functionality and its interaction with mobile phones and NFC technology.
  • Improved efficiency, reducing the average cost per intervention.

All in all, Geminis provides financial institutions and merchants better results and efficiency.


Omega is a project for the Optimization and Improvement of Failure Management. This service increases the number of failure resolutions via telephone, without requiring a visit from the technician.

Redsys contributes to making Spain one of the LOWEST card payment fraud RATE countries in the world.

In a tourist profile marked environment, and therefore a highly active acquiring and commercial one, Redsys makes the difference and maintains the INTEGRITY AND SECURITY in card payments, providing confidence to all parties and thwarting illegal activities, regardless of the payment channel.


Servicios de adquirencia