mPOS is an application created and designed so that merchants can perform payments through a mobile device, in a very simple way, only with the assistance of a PinPad.

The merchant accesses with a username and password provided by the financial institution, linking the PinPad and it is ready to receive payments.

In addition, to EMV card or magnetic stripe charges, mPOS allows you to register products associated with the merchant, simplifying orders and sales. Moreover, it also permits performing searches for authorized operations and making reimbursements.

The library is also available, for which Redsys can provide the support and integration service, as well as, the certification service and approval that accredits and ensures third parties the correct use of the application.

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Is a service created to allow merchants to initiate the purchase process by sending a billing request to their customers. The merchant only needs to use the mPOS application installed on your mobile or a virtual POS, to complete the payment request which will be forwarded to the customer’s mobile or e-mail, so that the payment can be made.

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