The most complete payment solution in the market

Allows financial institutions to offer their merchants a secure payment platform they can deploy on their websites


Increasingly more and more people are using our secure, flexible and reliable payment processing solution in their stores.

We act as a link between your business, your bank/savings bank and the payment method used by your customer. Our wide range of accepted payment methods and our approach permit us to accommodate our payment offer to suit your payment needs.

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Make the moment of payment easier for your customers with our Virtual POS, which allows you reduce the payment process to a single click, dramatically increasing conversion on your sales and profits. It is the perfect formula for billing your customers, on a periodic and recurring basis, flexibly and securely, without needing to store card data in your systems.

Payment 1 click and recurring payments

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Do not place limits on your business, because we don’t! Since our Virtual POS adapts to your business thanks to a customization tool that allows you to adapt, according to your preferences, the appearance of our payment gateway to match the image and colors of your store. In addition, we also count with multiple languages and currencies that will enable you to expand the boundaries of your business.

Setup your payment web page, adding the distinctive image and feel of your business branding

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With our Virtual POS you are in control of your business, since the management module is the integral and accessible application, via Internet, on which our payment gateway counts upon, and which enables you to access and better control your business, wherever you might be, wherever you go and from any device.

You can check operations, manage reimbursements, make telemarketing sales, generate reports and statistics, manage users and access rights, and much more.

Control all your sales in real-time

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The security of your business is our priority and this service allows you to fight against fraud in your business, whilst also avoiding losses through fraudulent customers, leveraging our central vision, knowledge and experience.

Protect yourself from fraudulent purchases

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Mangement Module



Redsys offers the ideal platform to support online card payments. Among the advantages of service, included are:

  • Simplicity, since no software installation in the merchant is required.
  • Easy start up with free plugins available for stores (Prestashop, Magento, OSCommerce, ..., etc.)
  • Security, as we have a powerful tool to prevent fraud and intelligent 3DSecure authentication minimizing abandoned online purchases.
  • Versatility, with various types of connections that adapt to the needs of each store and that allow all kinds of payment operations (pre-authorizations, sales, reimbursements, etc.)
  • Full control thanks to its administration module for business and online sales management.
  • Flexibility, because it enables you to customize the image of payment web pages.
  • Adapted to mobile devices and tablets, with responsive web design.
  • High Availability with a monitored service 24x7.
  • In addition to multiple additional services.

Direct and quick, once the cardholder selects the payment method, the merchant only requires forwarding a web application form to the Redsys server, containing the data of the merchant and the transaction. The system manages the flow of the transaction for each payment option chosen.

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Redsys gateway makes online card payments, a convenient and safe operation, because:

  • It is adapted to mobile devices (Smartphone, Tablets).
  • It includes multi-language.
  • It has one-click payment, the perfect way to simplify how to pay, without having to type card data for regular customers.
  • It has different authentication options to ensure the security of transactions.


Redsys gateway also has a Secure Authentication System, the consolidated solution, to provide cardholders with SECURE AUTHENTICATED PAYMENTS in their online purchases.

Our payment gateway is developed under the standards and specifications of international brands (Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, J-Secure ...), which ensures its reliability.

It offers the following advantages:

  • Implementations and customized developments
  • Customizable service by institution, at functioning and screen level
  • Real-time processing
  • Possibility of management and control
  • Certification through 3DSecure standards
  • High securization of all elements

In addition, our Secure Authentication System (SAS) is the well-established solution to offer secure authenticated payments to cardholders in their online purchases, with a wide range of methods. Thus, the institution can choose the most suitable one for its business and generate trust among its customers.

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Redsys has a VALUABLE AND COMPLETE technical support service for merchants operating through its e-commerce platform.

This support is structured in different assistance levels depending on the nature of the merchant’s inquiry or request.

Possible questions or problems that may arise to merchants operating in real-time environment, is assisted by this operating support service at phone number 902 19 87 47 or through the email address: virtualcom@redsys.es.

Merchants that do not yet have this TPV Virtual service and wish to obtain information about it, must contact the financial institution of their choice, since only through these can this service be contracted.